Integral Product Cycle Support

Product Cycle Support or Product Life Management (PLM) is focus in managing all data related to design, production, support and ultimate disposal of manufacture goods.

Class A Surfacing goes further, we do not offer a software solution, instead we offer an engineering team that from day one manage complex, cross-functional processes, distribute teams to consistently and efficiently develop the best results.

Class A Surfacing engineering teams have been working with the world’s leading automotive and aerospace organizations. We leverage global resources to provide engineering services wherever our clients need it. We provide that local interface that gives you the hands-on interaction that builds trust.

Project Management

Class A Surfacing turns our clients’ goals into achievements with our program management services. We work side by side with companies to discover their program objectives and provide effective management to ensure success. Our program managers bring the hard-earned industry knowledge and leadership experience necessary to manage complex programs from beginning to end.

Integrating business requirements, project communication, risk management, project deliverables, data security, etc. Everything a company needs to achieve goals.


Business and operating models evolve in a rapid pace especially in high competitive markets as aerospace and automotive. Where product innovation needs to gather exponential momentum to battle against operational cost and obtain competitive advantage.

Class A Surfacing combine a global network of innovation experts, program managers and highly skilled engineers to offer customize consulting solutions.

Global Outsourcing Engineering

Thanks to the technology available nowadays, virtually there is not geographic barrier that we cannot overtake. Class A surfacing has a network of outsourcing locations. This global outsourcing network allow us to offer the best talent in the world while reducing our client cost of development. Additionally, some strategic locations take advantage of time zones to get projects done overnight improving deliverable times.

Staffing Services

Class A Surfacing and its staffing solutions provides partner companies with the resources they need. At the time is needed for seasonal and short term projects. With the option of hire our contractors as permanent employees.

Please use the online form in the right side with your current staffing needs and we will contact you to continue the process.

Training Services

Training is essential to maintain reliability and efficiency of the engineering teams. Class A Surfacing gives a variety of standard courses an also provides custom training program. All of them designed to maximize the teaching in short periods of time, to reduce program impact.

The delivery mode is adapted case-by-case. Options available are: in-class, online live seasons, on-demand or by delivery.


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